How to have a smooth poop again
When it comes to poops topic, we tend to shy away but pooping smoothly is a vital process in every human being. There are various ways we can do to have a smooth poop, but first I would like to look into some of the things that doesn’t make pooping a smooth process.
There are various cases that are related to poop not being smooth, some of them are sudden while others are gradual. Some of the sudden cases that makes pooping not to be smooth include stress. if you are out looking for a great pooping again by great, I mean smooth pooping avoid stress at all cost. There other cases that might result to no smooth poop i.e. prescriptions- some of prescribed drugs may interfere with smooth pooping process if you experience non-smooth pooping process while you are under medication please consult your doctor.

Fruits for smooth poop
Fruits are ranked number one for smooth pooping process, but not every fruit is recommended for smooth pooping process. Some of the fruit makes pooping not to be smooth. Some of fruits that help in digestion and smooth pooping
Smooth pooping
Fruits and vegetables
There are various ways to make pooping a great process once again. Ask yourself am I taking the right fruits? Are there fruits or vegetables that cause constipation? Would I like to have a smooth poop once again? Am I taking the right amount of fruit for digestion?
Taking fruits often will help you pass a smooth poop once again. Fruits and vegetables with high fiber help in passing food down the digestive tract as well as poop. Fruits are known to provide enough water to poop before passing it thus making it easy and smooth to pass.
Ripe bananas are known to help in digestion process if taken in the right amount. They are rich in fiber which help move poop out smoothly.
Drinking enough water
Drinking water has every advantage in it consider taking water before meal and some few minutes after. Digestion process requires water as is passing the food down the digestive tract. Not drinking water causes dehydration as well as rough pooping process consider taking the right amount of water as per your body weight.
Does exercise and pooping have something in common? Well, does everyone who exercise have a great poop? What is the right amount of exercise good for smooth pooping? All these questions should close your mind when it comes to the topic of smooth pooping. There is various research conducted all over the world in regard to smooth pooping and exercising. Some have a positive result
towards fantastic pooping. Some of these results have contradicting results. Regardless of everything exercise have a positive result towards smooth poop.
Food rich in fiber
Well when it comes to fiber taking, fiber rich food has a significant advantage over other food in increasing food movement in digestive tract. Fiber help in reducing complication in digestive tract in a normal case scenario. Are there complication associated with too much fiber intake? Few cases are known but in normal scenario fiber is recommended for smooth pooping process.
Fiber supplement
They are known to have a positive result toward smooth poop. When it a matter of smooth pooping there are many considerations to make fiber supplement being one of them. There are various fiber supplements that one can take out there in the market today. Consider supplement if food rich in fiber are not within your reach.